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Grey Parrot

Scientific Name:
Psittacus erithacus

Found in central & west Africa from west coast east to western Kenya & north-western Tanzania.

Food: seeds, nuts, berries, and fruits.

Lay: 3 to 4 eggs.

Blue Rose Ringed Parakeet

Scientific Name:
Psittacula krameri

This is a variety of roseringed parakeet.
Albino Rose Ringed Parakeet

Scientific Name:
Psittacula krameri

This is a variety of roseringed parakeet.

Love Bird

Scientific Name:
Agapornis sp.

Found:Eight of the different species come from the mainland of Africa.

Food  usually feed on buds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and seeds.

Lay: 4-6 eggs.
Kite Brahminy

Scientific Name:
Haliastur indus

Found: Throughout India up to about 2000 m in the Himalayas, Bangladesh, Pakistan, SriLanka, Myanmar.

in the neighborhood of rivers, jheels, fishing villagers and  harbours on  the seacoast.

Nesting season: December to April.

Lays: 2 eggs.
Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

Scientific Name:
Chrysolophus amherstiae

Found in western China and Myanmar.

Feed:  grains, leaves and invertebrates.

Lay:: 6-12 eggs.

Incubation period:23-24 days.
Kalij Pheasant

Scientific Name:
Lophura leucomelana

Found: distributed along the Himalayas and south into Myanmar and Thailand.

Food: an invasive species because it consumes and disperses seeds of invasive plant species.

Lay: 6-9 eggs.

Incubation period: about 22-23 days.

Golden Pheasant

Scientific Name:
Chrysolophus pictus

Found: mountains of Central China.
Lives in  rocky hills among scrub and bamboos usually in pairs or in single.

Food: chiefly on the leaves and buds of small shrub.

Lays: 6 to 12 eggs; Incubation 22 days.
Chinese Silver Pheasant

Scientific Name:
Lophura nycthemera

Found: south of China and eastern Tonkin, West to the red river.
Prefers highland forests with dense undergrowth.

Lives in family parties.

on leaves, buds of shrubs,
insects etc.

6-8 eggs; incubation 25 days.
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