Alipore Zoological Garden, Kolkata

Zoological Garden, Alipore, Kolkata

Do's & Don'ts


▪ Do use Salpata and Paper Plate.

▪ Do keep the premises of the zoo clean.

▪ Do enjoy the vast collection of trees and plants of the zoo.

▪ Do try to be cordial and polite with your fellow visitors.

▪ Do extend your full cooperation with the management and security staff of the zoo.

▪ Promptly report any suspicious activities.


▪ Do not enter the zoo with polythene bag, plastic bottle.

▪ Do not feed or tease any wild animals of the zoo.

▪ Do not play any audio-system or musical instrument inside the zoo.

▪ Do not play cricket, football, badminton, flying dish etc. inside the zoo.

▪ Do not enter the zoo with any pet like dog,cat etc.

▪ Do not try to enter any animal enclosure.

▪ Do not carry firearms or any sharp objects.

This zoo does not have any cloak room. No stalls have been authorised to function as cloak room. All visitors are advised to be cautious in this matter.