Alipore Zoological Garden, Kolkata

Zoological Garden, Alipore, Kolkata

Veterinary and Animal Care

Veterinary Care :

Beside regular veterinary care like clinical observation, disease diagnosis, medical management deworming, vaccination, and nutritional management of captive animal also engaged in modern diagnostic imaging, surgery and microbiological laboratory work for timely disease diagnosis and successful management.

Cloacal prolapse management in crocodile :
Avian Orthopaedic surgery :

Veterinary care of hand reared captive neonates :
Laboratory activities at Zoo Veterinary hospital :

Diagnostic imaging in a chemically immobilized leopard :
Surgery in Reptiles :

USG in a Jungle cat :
USG in a Yellow Anaconda :
X-ray of a chemically immobilized White Tiger:
Blood collection from an Elephant:

Tumor excision in a captive jaguar: